We are
hill experts

We can make steep
sections seem level

Using decking and integrated planting
to create new large level areas over a sloped site.

Garden connection to the home is key. Decking is a cost-effective attractive, durable solution. Whether it’s high quality composite decking or timber. Once it’s down you would never imagine the home is on a sloped section. This Cashmere garden now appears entirely level.

We stabilise hill banks with retaining walls and other solutions

We can offer land damage assessment, ground strength testing and stabilisation solutions. We core-test land where necessary and can keep costs down on retaining solutions based on what is actually required.

Expensive retaining walls can often be avoided.

We also revisit ugly existing retaining walls, with planting or cladding opportunities.

Where retaining walls are required, they can be constructed out of a wide range of materials. We have years of experience in building attractive retaining walls at a very high standard.
Our retaining walls are build to last.

Dan lost no retaining walls or hill stabilising structures in the Canterbury earthquakes, despite a large number of clients living in Scarborough, Sumner, one of the worst hit areas in Christchurch.

Dan has worked in geotech for a number of years.
and has a BSC in geology from the University of Canterbury.

This extensive knowledge in retaining land,
coupled with his design ability is a unique skill base.
Dans designs are strong and beautiful.

We stabilise riverside and steep hill banks with planting and other methods

We see the beauty opportunity in every site. We are experts in strengthening geotech solutions and riverbank garden design. We deal with land erosion and can transform a problem area into the biggest asset in your outdoor garden space.

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Dan finds attractive, cost effective solutions for embankment stabilisation. Whether its a hill site, riverside or just soft land.

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Lush lawns

We use hydro-seeding, ready lawn and synthetic lawns.
We can advise you on the best option for your property.

Synthetic lawns – never mow again!
perfect for small low maintenance areas and gardens

Ready lawn – Have an established lawn
down straight away, great for mid size gardens

Hydro-seeding – is a process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch, its the quickest way to get a full lawn from seed. Perfect for larger gardens, its the cheapest option, and gives the best quality lawn, long term. Highly Recommended


Is the green option – irrigation ensures the lowest, most efficient water use. Timers are attached, so your garden is watered at the optimal time for absorbsion.

This system will ensure your lawn stays green and garden stays healthy all year round. Think of it as an insurance policy for your landscape investment, relax and enjoy your garden, without the hassle of watering. An automated irrigation systems are a must have.